Dragon Thoughts

Animation of flying dragon I am a dragon and I glide through the air on my mighty wings. Above me there is only the wide and deep blue of the sky (and a few clouds, sometimes, when it's raining). It is almost even more beautiful than the blue of my scales (but still only almost). Below me are mountains, valleys, meadows and forests. Oh, yes, and some villages of these ridiculous little humans are there, too.

Look, a sheep running. This should be my midday snack in a while.

These humans are funny. Now and then they send me one of their females, I don't know why. I've eaten the first one or two. But that cannot have been it, there was barely any flesh on them (though they didn't taste bad). The others I just left in front of my cave and ignored them.

Recently a funny fellow arrived; he was wholly cased in metal. He sputtered big words and waved a pointy thing in front of my nose. Of course I breathed a little hot air at him, you can't put up with everything, you know. He fell down at once. These humans are just too delicate. Well, peeling him was rather cumbersome, but I have to keep this recipe - exquisit!

I do worry a bit about my further supply with treasure. I heard the dwarven mines are nearly spent. Very disturbing. This disgusting red dragon from the neighbouring mountains might at last get the better of me. He already rubs it in how oh so terrific he is. Sigh. If it's really true I'll have to fly to the coast and have a look-out for ships. Would really be a nuisance. Well, it's only a rumour so far.

So, now I'm getting hungry. Let's see where my midday meal has run to.

©1992,97,98 by JuL

(The german version of this story has already been published in the role-playing magazine Windgeflüster xx. The .gif animation is by Lisa Konrad)

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