A Dream

Dreamed in 1989,97 by JuL
Written down in the tram number 712

For Katrin.

Friday morning. I am sitting in the Fachschaftsraum with the Susannes. It is time to do the exercise papers again. Outside there is a beautiful, clear, cold winter weather. Katrin arrives on her bike and sits down with us.
"It is wonderful outside", she says, "I would rather take a walk now."

I rise up and say: ,,Come''.
We join our hands and go to the door. There I speak the spell and draw a luminous sign into the air. I open the door and we walk through. We arrive in Lee-Zaas hut. The door usually leads into Lee-Zaas bedroom.
Lee-Zaa, the wood witch, gets up and greets us.
,,This is Katrin'', I say, ,,we want to walk through the wood.''
Lee-Zaa gives us warm winter coats and we step outside. There is the forest. It is big and green and silent. We walk through it for a long time, along the winding, narrow paths or just across country, hand in hand and without speaking. It is cold, but there is no snow. At last, we come to the lake. The water is cool and clear, and now and then we can see a fish breaking the surface. We sit down on a stone and watch the water. When it gets dark, we return to the hut. We give back the coats and go through the door again.

In the Fachschaftsraum only half an hour has passed.

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